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LS Tractors

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Sub-Compact Tractor MT122 / MT125
The MT1 Series comes with a 3 cyl Diesel tractor, 25 hp, with loader. Backhoe and miscellaneous implements available for this machine. Hydrostatic transmission, two ranges, 2 and 4 wheel drive. 60” mower and 56” front mounted snow blower available. Choice of open or closed cab, industrial or turf tires.
Small Compact XJ2025
Small compact 24.4HP, Mitsubishi diesel 3 cyl, hydrostatic transmission, with LL2102 loader and 1276 lbs of lift on the loader. 5 year warranty. And can have a 6f x 2r standard transmission, also available 60" mower and 50" front blower, cab also available. Backhoe can also be added for all the tough work. mid and rear PTO's.
Value Compact XG3025
Eco-Friendly 24.4 HP, 3 cylinder engine. Optional quick attach front end loader, PTO one of switch, simple gear range selections 2/4 wheel drive.
Value Compact XG3100
35 & 40 HP models, 3 cylinder fuel efficient engine. Hydrostatic and non hydrostatic models. Flat operator platform, Full function dash panel, Tilt steering wheel and adjustable seat.
Compact Tractor XR3100 Series
These tractors are here and available now in open station or with a cab. Come in and see . Standard with 2 sets rear remotes, quick attach bucket. heat and air in the cab model, front and rear work lights, tilt wheel, cruise control, adjustable seat with arm rests in cab model.
Compact Tractor XR4100 Series
This is a new series tractor now available in cab and non cab. They run from 40hp to 55hp and come in hydro and gear. Available with a cab or without. Heat and air, full instrumentation, front and rear work lights in cab model, Trailer plug, tilt wheel, cruise control, power steering.
Value Compact MT3E
MT3E value compact tractor 45 and 50 HP, hand and foot throttle, LL4105 loader with 2187 lbs of lift,LB2106 backhoe available, hydrostat and shuttle shift available, 3 point hitch lift at 2910 lbs.fender mounted joystick for more comfort and access to both sides for getting on the tractor.
Diesel Utility Tractor XU5000 Series
4cyl diesel tractor, 55hp to 65hp. Cab and open station with heat and air for the cab. Choice of tires. Skid steer, quick attach hyd draft control, auto lift, 2 pair of rear remotes. Front and rear wipers, tier 4 engine, with front and rear work lights. Power shuttle models available. The 5565 is cab only and with power shuttle.
Farm Utility Tractor XU6100 Series
This tractor comes with either 58 or 68hp, syncro shuttle or power shuttle 16 for and 16 reverse gears, Five year warranty. Also available in cab model with power shuttle,heat,air, cruise control, 2 sets rear remotes, tilt wheel in cab model.
MT5 Utility Tractor
MT5 series utility tractor, 73HP with an LL6100 loader with 3626lbs of lift,tilt steering, 3 sets rear remotes, stereo system with CD player,heat, air, deluxe adjustable seat, foot and hand throttle,creep gear standard, 6614 3 point hitch lift, power shuttle or syncro shuttle, air suspension seat with 10 degree swivel. 62 PTO HP.
Farm Utility Tractor P7010 & 7040 Series
This tractor comes in 72 and 97hp cabs, you can get a 20 by 20R in the 7010C and 40 by 20 power shuttle in the 7040. Both have five year warranty, fully independent or manual PTO, 3 sets of rear remotes standard, position and draft control with auto lift.
Tractors Cab and Non Cab P8000 Series
These tractors range in HP from 84.5 to 100.6. They have the 84.5 in non cab the XP8084 aand cab with power shuttle and the XP8101 in just cab power shuttle.all are equip with power steering,3 pair rear remotes,work light, trailer plug,extendable lower links, complete guages, tilt steering wheel, rear work lights,air, heat, cruise, deluxe adjustable seat loader lift capacity is 5139 at pivot pins, 5313 on 3pt hitch,3 speed PTO, hand and foot throttle. delivered in Maine full of fuel.